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:: Finite EP review on Infernal Techno

From the people over at Infernal Techno...

Detroit-based Beretta Music is now in its eighth year since founded by local Brian Kage. With sublabels Beretta Grey and Beretta Red, the label as a whole stands for techno and house music with soul and passion. An all-star roster of artists, both national and international, that all unite under the same common thread of sound gives this unique label a great sense of community within itself.

With its eighth release, Beretta Grey presents Christina Chatfield's inspiring dub techno. Growing up near Chicago and Detroit in Ohio and raised by classical musicians, it's no wonder where Christina draws so much influence from in her music. Now located in the heart of San Francisco, she currently works with mate Danny Patterson together and performs as part of the live act 'Monocle'.

The Finite EP features two emphatic originals from Christina and a complimentary remix from Beretta duo Reference (Brian Kage + Luke Hess). The self titled track, Finite, is presented on Side A with little time for the listener to pause, constantly building upon itself until tension release. The warm chords sit nicely on top of soft house rhythms, giving this track a perfect mood for the dance floor. Side B sees Christina work with similar sounds, yet the journey and vibe completely set itself apart from Side A. 'Hands' features filtered chord effects and syncopated claps, giving a nice rolling impression of the atmosphere. Keeping the patience and filling negative space nicely between both tracks, Christina brings her own version of Detroit techno to life. Track 2 of Side B gives Reference time to revise 'Hands' and add their own personal touch to the song. Like any true remix, Reference gives 'Hands' an original outlook, with classic percussion and luscious pads reminiscent of mid 90s Detroit techno.