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:: FWD.DJ Podcast

On the murky, overcast, mellow tip...

 This is a podcast I made for FWD.DJ in the middle of a San Francisco wintertime monsoon. Sort of a meeting of old vs. new, it is a taste of some new live material, but there is also music I wrote many moons ago while living in Boston that I never made public until now. A bit brief, but there's more where that came from. Hope you enjoy.

FWD.DJ Podcast by Christina Chatfield

On another topic, lately I've been thinking about new gear I should acquire (don't we all) and one of the items that has caught my eye is the new Eventide Space pedal. I'm pretty sure I want - or need - one, especially after seeing this demo from sound design guru Richard Devine. Many times when I see "official" demos of gear, I find myself to be rather underwhelmed. They often seem a bit vanilla and like they are only just scratching the surface of what's actually possible. Richard Devine on the other hand, knows how to get weird and doesn't hold back from showing it when he demos something. If the goal is for me to want to buy every single piece of gear he touches, then mission accomplished. Behold and imagine the dubby, spaced out, shoegazey possibilities!

Eventide Space - Sneak Peak from Richard Devine on Vimeo.