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:: Beretta Music Ten Years of Techno Compilation

Established in 2002, Beretta Music is a collective from Detroit focused on the future sound of techno music. Soul Over Hype, is a guiding mantra of Beretta Music, the label that Brian Kage & Ryan Sadorus founded and it has played a very important role in helping to shape the self-fulfilling prophecies for each internationally respected artist on its impressive roster. Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Jesse Somfay, Luke Hess, and Alex Israel many of whose talents were first recognized and developed by Brian at their side in the studio to produce key tracks that defined them as artists and unlocked the first doors to the paths of their noteworthy music careers. 2012 marks the Ten Year anniversary of Beretta Music, with the Ten Years of Techno Compliation! Featuring music from Brian Kage, Ryan Sadorus, Seth Troxler, Luke Hess, Ryan Crosson, Arthur Oskan, Keith Kemp, Alex Israel, Christina Chatfield, and many more!


:: Beatport chart summer 2011

10 tracks that make me want to either drink a piña colada on the beach, sweat it out in the club, or both even though my city is completely covered in fog at the time of this post...